Adventurers and wols assemble!

Join your fellow XIV players and Final Fantasy fans for an unofficial social meet-up event at the St. Charles Convention Center! Activities, food, shopping, entertainment, and plenty of nearby places for photos!Produced by the folks behind Anime St. Louis!

Prizing for select programming & activities sponsored by:

GATEway FATE is not endorsed by and is not officially affiliated with SQUARE ENIX or any members of its company. This event is fan-produced.FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY XIV, FFXIV, SQUARE ENIX, and the SQUARE ENIX logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.


Dates & Times
(Subject to change as we plan)

Saturday, October 12th, 2024
Upper Level
All attendees - 11am - 3pm
Scions Only - 6pm - 10pm
Sunday, October 13th, 2024
Upper Level
All attendees - 11am - 4pm
Anime Conbini Mart and Lower Level Activities open to all both days. Check its webpage for times and details.


1 Convention Center Plz St. Charles MO, 63303Situated only a few short minutes from the Missouri River and the famed beginnings of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the central location of the St. Charles Convention Center makes it one of the most desirable meeting destinations in the Midwest region. We use it for our Anime St. Louis convention, and look forward to bringing fabulous fun to all once again!

faq & rules


What is this event?GATEway FATE is a Final Fantasy XIV themed, unofficial meet-up event. Whether you’re a long time player, new free trial patron, or friend of an adventuring friend, this event serves to provide an opportunity for players to have a weekend of fun together; be it through themed activities, chatting with other players, or just having an enjoyable social experience. This event is produced by the same company behind Anime St. Louis and has no official affiliation with Square Enix or the FFXIV development team and is purely a fan-created event.Do I have to be a FFXIV fan or player to enjoy the event? Do I need an active subscription?No to all of the above! While we'll have things that are themed around FFXIV content, at their core our activities can be enjoyed by all patrons. Whether you're a Final Fantasy fan or just a curious friend, we invite you to join in the fun!What is the Anime Conbini Mart also happening in the building?Anime Conbini Mart is AnimeSTL’s special pop-up exhibit hall and specialty foods event and will be running alongside this meet-up to serve as GATEway FATE’s exhibit hall space. Enjoy XIV focused creators in the hall along with Anime Conbini Mart’s selection of exhibitors.Is there an attendance cap for either event?Currently, there is not. Anime Conbini Mart patrons are welcome to poke their head into the Upper Level to learn about the critically acclaimed MMORPG and participate during the day in some of the social activities that we have planned. Both events are open to the public with Registration being within the building, and we’ll have prop checkpoints and bag checks at our entrances. Only select performances using the Upper Level at night will have an attendance cap via our Scion Pass holders.Why are there a limited number of Scion Passes?In order to keep a realistic and estimated headcount for items such as special merchandise, evening performance seating, etc., there will be a limited number of admissions available for certain event aspects. These limited admissions will be available via the Scion Passes. A majority of the building and its activities will be open to all admission types. Select special evening performances and VIP merchandise will be available only to Scion Pass holders.Will this event compete with the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival?As that event happens every two to three years, we don't view this project as a rival or meant to take away from the big event when it occurs. We simply wish to offer players and fans another chance to meet-up during the year and will do our best to avoid any unintentional date or content clashing, especially since most of our crew would want to go to the big festival themselves.Will there be any Dawntrail related content at this event?Due to timing and respecting any spoiler conduct, we'll likely avoid having anything related to 7.0's MSQ as a part of our content.


Quick Summary: These rules are the same as what we use for AnimeSTL. If you're familiar with those, it's much of the same here.COVID-19 ItemsBy attending, our attendees understand that there is a risk of pathogen spread. Attendees will indemnify the event and venues and cannot hold them accountable for possible illness.We are not planning to have any mandates in place for our event. If attendees and anyone else still wishes to mask at the convention, they are welcome to, and any harassment of those doing so will not be tolerated. Masking mandates may be put into place if needed. Keep up the good fight against con plague and practice safe attendance!Bag ChecksThe St. Charles Convention Center may have bag check stations at our open entrances during the event. No bag types are restricted at this time. Clear style totes and bags can help expedite the process.Code of ConductAll attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our events are required to agree with the following code of conduct. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.This event is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of guests or participants in any form. Members and event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event (without a refund) at the discretion of the event organizers.Be kind.If you need to submit a complaint or need help in regards to the code of conduct, please find the nearest staff member.Costume PolicyAll attendees must observe county, city, state, and federal laws at all times. We're a family-friendly event, so we ask that costumes reflect that idea. Costumes and clothing must cover what an average bathing suit would cover. While we respect our attendees’ freedom of expression, we do not consider underwear or similar lack of clothing appropriate. Nudity and clothing with inappropriate language is not allowed. Walking in bare feet on the show floor is also not allowed due to potential hazards like stepping on sharp objects, but you can pose in bare feet (just check your photo area before you do). We also ask that any costume that poses a risk to others (protruding wires, spikes, loose swinging chains, etc.) be examined by security for risk assessment. If the costume is deemed a risk, we ask that you respect the decision and either change clothes or alter the costume.Weapons and PropsRealistic firearm props are not allowed. These include and are not limited to Airsoft guns, BB guns, and self-made props that look like real life firearms. Having an orange tip does not matter. If it looks like a real, working gun from afar and up-close, it is not allowed at our venue. Fantasy and fictional props are still allowed, but security and volunteers may request to inspect them to check for mechanisms.GATEway FATE does not allow live steel or any real weapons of any kind (dull metal swords included). Prop weapons may be made of wood, plastic, foam, plaster, cardboard, cloth, etc. Props more based on fantasy and fiction are allowed. All props and models cannot be used to fire projectiles and cannot be loaded or have any ammunition. Volunteers and security may ask your assistance to prove if the prop has any mechanisms, even if it has already been tagged; same with other props for any other reason. Please cooperate with these requests.Explosives and chemicals are strictly prohibited (this includes fireworks, sparklers, etc.) as are hover boards and wheeled footwear. Prop skateboards are allowed but may only be carried and not ridden. We ask that attendees do not engage in mock fighting in the venue. Please do not use a prop weapon to threaten, endanger, or harm another person. If your prop violates Missouri State or Federal laws outside the venue, it violates them here too. Please ask a staff member if you are ever unsure about your prop.We currently do not have a size limitation for props and costumes, but we ask that your creations be mindful of a large crowd. Anything that becomes a fire hazard or constant traffic blocker may be asked to be removed.Alcohol PolicyThe legal drinking age is 21. Event badges are not valid forms of ID for purchasing or consuming alcohol. Only a government issued ID or passport will be accepted as a valid proof of age. Public intoxication can result in being asked to leave the venues and/or a revoked badge.Smoking/Vaping/E-cigsNo smoking is allowed inside any of the buildings, including e-cigarettes and vaping. Please smoke outside, and be considerate of others when you do.Badge PolicyYou will need an attendee badge to take part in everything the event has to offer. Badges must be visible at all times, worn on the front of the body and above the knees. Please do not hang them off purse straps or other accessories. If you lose your badge, you can purchase a new one at the registration desk. Only one replacement may be bought during the event. Please do not share badges. Anyone caught sharing a badge will have it revoked.Lost and FoundGATEway FATE is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property during the course of the convention. A lost and found box will be kept at the venues during the event for anyone who turns in items or wishes to claim them. Possessions left unclaimed at the end of the convention will be turned over to the St. Charles Convention Center and Embassy Suites for any inquiries afterwards. The Lost and Found at-con can be located at the Guest Services booth near the Exhibit Hall.Sign Props PolicySigns with inappropriate language or solicitations are not allowed. This does include “free hug” style signs. Signs that promote a business or selling of products and/or behavior without the knowledge and consent of Anime St. Louis are also forbidden.Advertising Fliers PolicyPlease do not post signs/fliers on the walls of the venue. Fliers may only be handed out if you have a booth at the event. Soliciting and unapproved distribution of fliers can cause you to lose your badge and be requested to leave. If you have fliers you would like hung up or placed for distribution, please bring them to the Show Office for approval and distribution. Unapproved fliers left around the convention can be thrown away by senior staff without warning.No AI Creations for Promotional Use or SalesThe following policy includes and is not limited to art, graphics, and presentations created using AI technology programs such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. Things created using such programs are not allowed at GATEway FATE and Anime Conbini Mart for the purposes of promoting a business or for commercial and personal sales. Items must be created via the entities’ own skills with available physical tools and non-AI software. They cannot be created utilizing prompts input into learning software or algorithms. This policy excludes digital tools created by others (ie, brushes in art programs), pieces made using editing software that operates without algorithms, and other hardware and software that requires learning and applied skill from the user themselves.Common CourtesyPlease turn your mobile devices to silent or vibrate when you’re in programming and event rooms. If you must take or make a call, please step outside into a hall.By attending, attendees understand that they may be photographed or filmed when they are a part of the crowd. As a courtesy, attendees should ask permission before filming or photographing others. Same goes for hugging and glomping. Cosplay is not consent.The convention center, hotel, and their respective parking lots have neighboring houses and apartments. If an attendee’s enjoyment of the convention occurs outdoors and in the parking lot, please note that noise complaints can occur from both hotel patrons and local neighbors. Please be courteous and avoid late night loud noise. Please also be respectful of our venues’ property.Room Parties and Hotel UseRoom parties are not allowed. We define a room party as an open door gathering within a hotel room that causes excessive noise and exceeds reasonable capacity; or one that spills out into the hallway. Please keep your hotel room doors closed to not only help with noise levels, but also for your own safety. Please respect the hotel staff if they are responding to noise complaints.Please respect hotel property and avoid having elevator parties or causing excessive noise in the hallways.Pictures and filmingEvents where photography and filming are not allowed will be announced during the event. Otherwise, photos and filming are generally allowed throughout the venue. Please respect people who do not want to be on camera, and also be sure to ask someone’s permission before taking their photo. Cosplay is not consent.Miscellaneous itemsAnnounced events and programs are subject to change and/or cancellation.Except for ADA-compliant service animals, pets are not allowed in the venues.No outside food or drink is allowed inside the St. Charles Convention Center.Have fun!

Activities & Main Events

More info and specifics to come as we complete the quest chains of logistics and paperwork!

Prizing for select programming & activities sponsored by:

Fashion Report Cosplay Contest & Glam Exhibition
Forms open August 1st

Our featured main stage performance on Sunday gives the spotlight to both attendees' fun cosplays and a new spin on a competition. Whether you're a creative crafter or a marketboard enthusiast, we welcome you to participate. This won't be limited to just XIV cosplays, but those are the most encouraged.

Gunpla Model Building for Aspiring Ironworks Engineers with Gateway Gunpla

Before you build the big mech, you gotta start small, and the local Gateway Gunpla group is excited to showcase the fun of model building kits with open build tables for all skill levels and special competitions for experienced builders.

  • Adventurer Plate and GPose Station with Japan America Society STL - Whether you want to make your own portrait or strike an emote with your crew, our friends at JAS-STL will hook you up with their purikura station. Customize your photo and have a fun digital or physical memory to take with you!

  • Lego Building for Firmament Enthusiasts with Gateway Lego Users Group - Keep your residential construction skills sharp as you once again build brick by brick at free-build stations and check out themed creations made by local Lego enthusiasts!

  • Console Gaming with BGG Foundation - A convention themed around a game series should probably have some gaming as a part of it, so be sure to join local non-profit BGG Foundation in their video game room to satisfy any controller itches you may have.

  • Honey Tea Maid Cafe - The HTMC crew welcomes you to our large plot! This first come first serve social attraction will involve games, dancing, and tea and dessert!

  • Fortune Telling - What are the constellations of Etheirys foretelling? Ask for our resident fortune teller at the Honey Tea Maid Cafe

  • Art Party Room - It's the year of the Pictomancer, so bring your drawing supplies or use our own to take part in drawing your WoL, your friends' WoL, various OCs, or just hang out and relax. Be sure to leave your signature on the big board too!

  • WoL Sticker Trade - Currently event-wide, we invite attendees to trade their blorbos with each other

  • Ancient Concepts Art Activity - Somewhere among the pile of sharks waiting for bureaucratic processing there are ideas for new life just waiting to be created. Put your creation to paper and maybe those with an abundance of aetherial might can make it whole.

  • The Last Stand - No one should adventure on an empty stomach, and we're out to provide a fun selection of food and drink! The menu will be available to all patrons, while Scion Pass holders get a special merch voucher that covers their first meal.

  • 'Get On The Point' Meetup - PvPrimal wants you!- to join your fellow CC, Rival Wings, and Frontline friends and frenemies at their table to socialize about riding that Battle High!

  • Learn to Play FFTCG - We invite you to take up a chair and partake in the official card game that encompasses every last title in the FF universe!

  • Wondrous Tales - Check off your event checklist after you check-in and receive some fun prizes. At least, if the stickers decide you may have good fortune. One might get a little trinket, or a special book to keep track of all the others they've met on their journey.

Scion Pass Holders Only
Special Saturday Evening Performances

Join classical guitarist John Oeth for an evening of FFXIV music as he embodies the spirits of every major city bard that plucks away by the light of the plaza crystals.

Produced by Oriana Peron, a stage show that encapsulates the slaying power of characters from across the Final Fantasy universe! May or may not contain 5 - 10 Shivas.

Exhibit Hall

Anime Conbini Mart on the Lower Level of the venue will serve as our event's Exhibit Hall. While the exhibitors and artist in there will have a variety of items from across the shards, we'll be saving some spaces for Final Fantasy and FFXIV focused folks.


Andy Kluthe
My Squish Studio
Lizbie Cafe
Pixeled Peach
Yume & Yami Magical Crafts
Carve the Moon
ByronB Art
Josie Fenton
Shoujo Havoc
Rogue Corvid
Art by Little Miss Luna
Cute Custom Ears / Beki Beads
Radiant Grey
Bee Stitch Studio & The Crystal Knit-Wit
Rokoh Art & Nautes Art
Sydney J Design
Magpie's Masquerie LLC
Sew-it-All Creations
cricketbat / Noxious Art
Suzu Studios


Figures not Dolls
Decade of Excess


More info to come as we complete the quest chains of logistics and paperwork!

In-Person Autograph Policy

  • Attendees are entitled to one complimentary autograph per guest. The complimentary item may not be a Funko Pop or Pop Box (the box that the figure comes in), and this rules can apply to other collectibles and their boxes. All items will be signed at the guests discretion. After one complimentary autograph, additional autographs may be purchased at a limit of 2 additional items per line rotation. Purchasing additional items will require the attendee to exit the line and re-enter. Autographs are not guaranteed and will be accounted for as time allows

  • Guests may charge for additional autographs/selfies/videos. Guests set their own autograph prices and all sales are final.

  • Waiting in line does not guarantee an autograph. Guests may refuse to do an autograph/selfie/video at their personal discretion.

  • In fairness to others waiting in line, limit your interactions with the Guests to a minute or less unless otherwise indicated by the Guest.

  • Do not solicit autographs from Guests outside of designated signing times and location.

  • Bulk autographs are prohibited unless arranged by Guest and Staff in advance and may not take place on the convention floor or during scheduled panel times/autograph sessions.

  • Do not touch any Guest without their permission.

Prohibited Items:- Bootleg/Pirated/Unofficial Merchandise
- Items that contain profanity, gore, mature or inappropriate content
Allowed Items:- Licensed/Official Merchandise
- Event badges/program books
- Fan-creations, including fanart
- Merchandise/prints purchased from Guest
Gift PolicyGuests may accept or refuse gifts at their own discretion.
- Allowed gifts include: Fanart, small handmade crafts.
- Prohibited gifts include: Large items, food of any kind.
Failure to adhere to the autograph policy can result in your badge being revoked.

featured guests

Sena BryerSena Bryer is the voice of Wuk Lamat, the spunky young Hrothgar lady in Final Fantasy XIV. She can also be heard in a number of other titles, from other video games such as Unicorn Overlord, Hearthstone, Need for Speed: Unbound, and Aether Gazer, as well as other media, like the 2022 Masaaki Yuasa anime film Inu-Oh.Along with voice acting she is an accomplished writer and game developer, her most current work being the VO Director on Cryptmaster and the Lead Writer on Hello Cruel World.When she's not working however, she's an advocate for trans rights, both within the entertainment industry and elsewhere, and a GM of far too many TTRPG campaigns. Also dogs. She really likes dogs. Bring her a dog and she will pet it.

Britt BaronBritt Baron, the voice of Tifa Lockhart in the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the recent Remake title, has also lent her voice to a handful of other video games over the years including: Gabs in "Jedi: Survivor," Linda of the Blue Team in “Halo 5: Guardians,” “Destiny-2: Foresaken” as Ada-1, "Starfield," “Dishonored 2,” "Fallout 76," "Agents of Mayhem," and “Skylanders: Imaginators”.In addition to voice acting, Baron has an impressive career in front of the camera. Most known for her starring role in Netflix's critically acclaimed, award winning comedy series "GLOW", Baron plays Justine, the youngest of the GLOW girls and daughter of wrestling coach and show director Sam Sylvia (played by Marc Maron).Baron has also starred in “My Valentine,” a feature-length episode of Hulu’s horror/thriller anthology series “Into the Dark” produced by Scott Derrickson (Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”). Following that Baron starred in Freeform’s romantic comedy “The Thing About Harry.” Other notable credits for Baron include: indie film "Aftermath" starring opposite Ashley Greene, Rob Riggle’s “Ski Master Academy” for Sony’s Crackle, “Lucifer,” “All Rise,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” “Chicago P.D.,” “Halo: The Fall of Reach,” “Awkward,” and “Jennifer Falls.

Oriana PeronOriana Perón is a cosplaying, costume, and fashion designing, drag queen. She has been cosplaying since 2006 when this nerdy hobby turned into a passionate career. Oriana has studied theatre and costume design at Indiana University and continues her studies with a focus on fashion design, metalsmithing, and jewelry. Recently, Oriana has produced and performed her Drag Race and Drag Show events at Ohayocon, Anime Magic, AnimeNext, C2E2, Matsuricon, and ACEN. Oriana currently lives in Bloomington, Indiana and is a producer and host for her shows, “World of Fantasy” and “World of Gayming” at The Back Door. Her favorite thing is dressing up like cartoon moms and sending memes to all her friends. Oriana looks forward to conventions coming back and seeing all her friends and fans again! You can find Oriana online

John OethJohn Oeth is a renowned classical guitarist with an exceptional ability to captivate audiences through his passionate musicianship, dynamic presence, and virtuosic technique. He specializes in playing relaxing video game music that takes the listener back to simpler times.John has been running a successful YouTube channel since 2008, where he posts his guitar arrangements of video game music. In high school, he wanted to become a video game composer inspired by the soundtracks of Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda. This dream was realized when Amazon Game Studios approached John to compose and record music for New World. He has released over ten albums featuring music from games spanning from the 1980s to today. He also regularly livestreams performances, taking requests on the fly.John's performances have been enjoyed by a variety of organizations, including the San Francisco Giants, NPR, the NCAA, and Intel. In 2018, he was honored to perform for United States Senator John McCain's funeral service. John has had many unique performances such as sharing a concert with Billboard Top 100 artist Jordin Sparks.John is an advocate of 21st-century guitar compositions as well as underperformed Renaissance lute and vihuela works. Compositions have been dedicated to him by international artists including Petrichor, a piece gifted by Japanese composer Kohei Kondo. John completed his doctoral dissertation on the lute works of Vincenzo Galilei, Galileo's father. His recording Fronimo features his solo guitar arrangements of Galilei's ricercari in all of the Renaissance modes.John has studied with some of the world's top concert artists, including Frank Koonce, Michael Patilla, and Lily Afshar. He has performed in masterclasses for Judicaël Perroy, Paul O'Dette, and Pavel Steidl, among others. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University, a master's degree from the University of Memphis, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Arizona State University.

SpofieSpofie is a Lalafell Vtuber with a passion for creating cozy gaming content while also fostering an inclusive environment. She streams 5 nights a week on Twitch with a focus on Final Fantasy 14 as well as other RPGs! She has been playing FFXIV since the 1.0 beta, and loves chatting with both new and veteran players about their adventures.

Turtle SmithyKyle and Malinda are a veteran cosplay duo that has been crafting costumes for almost 20 years and part of the FFXIV community for 10. Both are well-rounded in a wide range of abilities and have won numerous awards for their craftsmanship and performances. In 2020 they became full-time creatives outfitting fellow Warriors of Light with horns, ears, tails, and more!

Akakioga CosplayAkakioga is an internationally recognized cosplayer with a passion for creating costumes from all different forms of media. With a love of working with her hands, she has become a self taught powerhouse that truly enjoys everything craftsmanship! Whether it be sewing, armor making, 3D printing, or even wig styling, she's ready to take on any project whether it be big or small!As a Black woman of color, she also uses her voice to raise awareness and spread positivity throughout the cosplay communities. As a cosplay veteran of 8+ years, she loves seeing new faces being welcomed into the community to also pursue their loves and passions! If you ever see her throughout the con, feel free to say hi, snag some selfies, and talk all things cosplay! She loves getting to make memories with fellow attendees and fans! She can't wait to meet you all at the con!

NipahNipah is an award-winning Illinois based Cosplayer known well for his Square-Enix cosplays and has been working with his craft for over ten years.From advanced wig-styling, sewing to armor construction, Nipah loves to learn and widen his horizon on all aspects of crafting. He wishes to share what he has learned with his fellow cosplayers, spreading the love of this hobby wherever he can. Currently with over two hundred different cosplays completed, from original designs to reproductions.With his warm charisma and love for the craft he hopes that he can continue to share his love for cosplay with others while helping them enter this wonderful crazy world, assisting and helping those along the way.

XIV community members

PvPrimalPvPrimal is a FF14 PvP Community for the Primal Data Center. They host tons of events every week across Frontlines, Rival Wings, and Crystalline Conflict. They are usually hanging out at the Behemoth's Wolves Den near the Aetheryte or Dueling Circle most of the day.You can pick up game mode specific and event roles in Channels & Roles at the top of the server. Feel free to post in lf-party if you're looking for party members. They also have guides for various things if you want to look over visual/written help.YouTube link:
Twitch link:
Twitter link:
Discord link:


Below is general information regarding hotels in the area. Some may have hotel blocks with us, some may not, and we'll mark which is which.

Main Hotel - Embassy Suites St. Charles2 Convention Center Plaza
St Charles, MO 63303
(636) 946-5544
The main hotel connected to the St. Charles Convention Center. Includes:
- Complimentary breakfast and internet
- Manager's evening reception
1 King Suite and 2 Queen Suites. All room types have a pull-out sofa bed.$169 per night, rate may differ outside of our block's dates. No deposit needed. Rate available through September 11th, 2024

Common Secondary Hotels - No room blocks are currently at these properties, but they are near our venue.Best Western Plus The Charles Hotel1425 S 5th Street
St. Charles, Missouri 63301
Toll Free Central Reservations
(US & Canada Only) - 1(800) 780-7234
Hotel Direct Number - (636) 946-6936
Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton
1410 South 5th Street
St. Charles, Missouri 63301
Hotel Direct Number - (636) 757-5701Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis St. Charles380 Mulholland Drive
St. Charles MO 63303
Hotel Direct Number - 636-724-5772


Advanced sales are open!At-door sales will be available, but Scion passes are limited!

REGISTRATION BOOTH HOURSRegistration opens 30 minutes before the event and closes at 3 pm each day

(Additional taxes and fees apply)

Regular Pass - $35

Grants admission for both days of the event. No extra goodies, evening performances, or perma-melded materia; just good ol' fashioned fun!

Tataru's Early Bird Pass Special - $30

From March 1st through July 31st, save on your two-day admission!

One-day Pass - $25

Grants admission to your choice of Saturday or Sunday

Scion Pass - $95 - Limited to 1000 quantity

A VIP style ticket package with extra goodies and extra entertainment! Gain entry to the event with a special badge and additional goodies:

  • XIV themed fandom items: Stickers, air freshener, power bank, and collectible coin that can be used as a coupon

  • Voucher for 1 free meal at The Last Stand concession area

  • Admission to two special Saturday evening performances; Final Fantasy covers with classical guitarist John Oeth, and Dragsidia FF themed drag show with Oriana Peron

Refunds will be allowed for this event on a case-by-case basis, except for the Scion Pass which is non-refundable. No refunds will be allowed after October 16th, 2024.

TRAVEL LOG - Cosplay
photography ideas

Whether it's near our venue or at one of St. Louis' most photogenic areas, we're happy to help provide resource material for those looking to take some real-life screenshots while visiting us! Check below for suggestions and links to help with planning your photography sessions. Please note none of these links are affiliates or have special deals related to our event. This section is purely for reference. Updates to be applied through the planning period.

Main Street Saint Charles
Old Town Historic District

Good for the following themes: General landscape and villageA few minutes from our venue, this section of the city is adorned with cobblestone streets, older buildings, and local businesses. Right next to it is Frontier Park, a riverfront area. It's not uncommon to see other photographers in the area doing shoots for weddings, senior photos, and other specialty shots in this scenic area of the city

Missouri Botanical Garden

Good for the following themes: Gridania, Shirogane, ThavnairThe Missouri Botanical Garden is located roughly 35 minutes from our venue. Hosting numerous plants, a Chinese and Japanese garden, and some rustic architecture; this spacious and photogenic location is great for a number of shoots. Please keep in mind the garden has its own photography policy and generally asks for additional logistics for any photo use outside of very casual or hobbyist postings.General Admission at time of writing is $14 per person and hours are 9am - 4:30pm daily save for select evening events that may require additional payment.

Forest Park - St. Louis Zoo, Art Museum, World's Fair Pavilion

Good for the following themes: SharlayanAlso located roughly 30 minutes southeast of our venue is Forest Park, a large swath of land that is home to a variety of St. Louis' attractions; including the St. Louis Zoo, Art Museum, Missouri History Museum, and World's Fair Pavilion. Each attraction has its own website to check in regards to any admission times and rates.

City Museum

Good for the following themes: IdyllshireNestled in downtown St. Louis and roughly 30 minutes from us, this unique attraction is a shoe factory turned into a multi-faceted playground for all-ages. Includes caverns, educational pieces, mini-skate park, multi-story slide, junkyard jungle gym, and a school bus hanging off a rooftop. Admission starts at $20 and there may be additional attractions occuring during our weekend. Check their site for full details!

DUTY FINDER - Staff & Volunteers

The call goes out for special party leaders and adventurers to help with managing all the ins-and-outs-and-goings-on of the whole event! Whether you're a veteran con staffer or someone new to behind-the-scenes logistics, send us a form! Full-time staff receive the following benefits:

  • $100 cash stipend

  • Lodging provided at connected host hotel, but not required

  • Travel reimbursement (gas, flight, or other) up to $100

  • Food covered either through our event vendors or other means

If you're looking to just handle badge checking, we encourage you to still fill out the Full Time Staff form for that position as we currently analyze if we can properly coordinate part-time volunteers for this new project. Thank you!


Want to talk about a specific subject in FFXIV, FF, or any other fun nerdy topic? Send in a panel submission form! We'll be using a similar system to what we use for Anime St. Louis, so please read below for further details.

PANEL REGISTRATION PROCESSWe want our panelists to know they are accepted as early as possible so they can have plenty of time to prepare, so we have a process in place to make that possible. By the first Monday of every month, you will know if your panel was accepted, on hold or denied. (Keep in mind, you may find out earlier). Scheduling is First Come First Serve + Current Interest. Due to this, it is imperative that you submit your panel as early as possible! High demand topics and Character Interaction panels fill up within the first month, so don’t wait!  In the email, you will be given one of the following statuses:ACCEPTED – Congratulations, your panel was accepted!WAITING LIST – For a stated reason, your panel will be on a waiting list until the reason is cleared. This could possibly be a guest wanting to do the same panel topic.DENIED – Your panel was denied.The event reserves the right to deny a panel for any reason due to the high demand of our panel slots.Please note, you will not find out your day or time slot until around one month before the show. If you do not receive a message by the first Monday of the following month, please feel free to follow up with us. Often we receive incorrect emails, so you are welcome to check up with us if you have not heard from us!

PANELIST PERKS & REIMBURSEMENTCHECK IN — There will be a separate line at Registration to check in to pick up your pre-registered badge or purchase a badge to skip the lines so you may prepare and have plenty of time before one's panel! This also helps us keep track of what panelists are ‘checked in.’  You must present your name, ID, and the name of the panel you are a part of. All of the same rules still apply to this as it would in registration. You may only pick up or purchase your own badge.  You may not pick up or purchase your other panelists’ badges, or for non-panelists!The Reimbursement program is an opportunity to reimburse our hardworking panelists for all of their time and effort to provide programming. Each panelist is tracked separately by their legal surname name on their state issued ID. If a panelist does not show up with the rest of their team, the team will still get their discounts. The absent panelist will not. Please inform us if someone drops from your panel, it helps keep the reimbursement program going by not giving out freebies! Panelist’s reimbursement coincide with what they paid for their badge (rather at door, or pre-reg.) You cannot make back more than you paid. If you go beyond what you originally paid, there will be no further reimbursement.LEAD PANELIST – $30 Back Per Panel
To claim your reimbursement, you must “check out” meaning you no longer can earn any more money back for the rest of the con (aka you can’t get money back directly after each panel throughout the weekend.) If you are aware that you will not be attending certain days prior to the con, please make note in the special requests on the form.If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. Thank you for your interest in being a panelist and we look forward to seeing your submission!